Tossing and turning in the bed, the tiny blanket thrown to the side. Its 3:00 am. A creak is heard as the door slowly opens. The mother has come to check on the son. She pulls the blanket over her child and gives the child a peck. The child stills and goes back to sleep. He may wake up thinking the same way he slept was how he woke up. Little does he know that somebody was watching over, somebody came and straightened the legs wrongly placed, ensured that he will not wake up with sore neck.


God watches over us the same way a mother cares for a child. He ensured that calamity did not meet you. We may not realize His movements. That’s why we are called to constantly praise the Lord. The fact that you are alive is evidence that He is watching over you. His eyes are watching your every move and His cover is on you.

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