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So on the last Wednesday of 2017, I got to tour Two Rivers Mall with a few friends. Now I live less than 30 minutes away yet have never actually been there before. The place is a city on its own. I got lost a couple of times while there…haha. The lights that came with the Christmas decorations were amazing! From the street lights all the way to the pillars inside the building. Well as you already know am just crazy as one can be about lights.

So, about mind blowing shows, there is this water/lights show that went down at the Riverfront where a deejay plays music and the water and lights play around in sync with the beats. Being a techie person, I could not fail to notice how well they were able to project videos onto the wall of water. Watch a snippet of the show below (don’t forget to subscribe to the channel).

Later, we got to play some games at the arcade including basketball, Piano sth 😀 and my favorite was Kungfu Panda obviously from my love of cartoons and animations. I redeemed my tickets to get these awesome action figures key holders – Iron Man and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

I am definitely going back there soon to complete the tour though I do need a good DSLR(maybe a NIKON D750) for better shots, anyone thinking of a gifting me this year *hint*hint*.

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