I am in a bus speeding along, on this lonely highway, on this bumpy road, as it struggles to maneuver over this hill, on my way home. Who is with me on this bus? I trust in the driver to get me safely by. Some alight when the journey become tiring or when they get to their ‘destination’. They do not realize that the journey is not yet over. I will keep my place till I get home. A smile will be on my face as I enter the gates I have longed for. Home to my father, who loved me before I knew of Him. Who loves me even when I can’t comprehend Him. He assures me of a secure dwelling. Where I will sit with Him in glory. No tears, no worries, no misplaced desires, no sickness, no loneliness, no despair just fulfillment in His presence. None can be compared. Truly he has no EQUAL

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