A prosperous life is all about steps
Steps to change perceptions and positions
Take that step no matter how small
Aye steps turn into leaps

Life entails pursuits and conquests
Races against time and towards opportunity
Of flights fueled by passion and dreams
Running tanks refuelled within every meagre hour and dials that always scream danger
Yeah you gotta learn how to read the signs
Or you’ll get lost in the traffic
Discern who to help on your path because not all mean you well and your time is not meant to be wasted

Credits: Brian Kigen

Aim to be soar high above the expectations of the lowly and simple minded
Rush towards the unknown and take in the total bliss that comes with taking a risk
And because depression kicks in when the pursuit of a dream bears no fruit,
Look for joy in the little wins
Your goliath will eventually fall
When your arm sling becomes perfect

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