I will not lie, 2017 has been one of my toughest year. I do hope that yours has been better than mine. Nevertheless, I always gain strength when I focus on the good rather than the trouble. Being a lover of music, concerts always have a part to play in making amazing memories year in year out. So let me share with you 6 concerts that made my 2017. The list would have been longer…sorry to say, I missed out on a few amazing concerts. So here we go. (The list below is in chronological order.)

  1. Radical 5ve (Sunday 9th February)

Verse 5ve has an event every quarterly at Memorial Park, Nairobi. Being part of the street team and marketing these events has been an amazing experience.  Radical 5ve was the first of these events this year. What made it epic was that S.O. the kid was in the building. This guy knows how to grind in his music ministry. If you have never heard of him, do check out his YouTube channel.

Photo Credits: Krugan
  1. Maranatha Ministries Int 3rd Anniversary (27th – 29th January)

If you did not know, Maranatha Ministries International has been my home church for the last few year. Now the highlight of this three year celebration was worshiper Hlengiwe Mhlaba from South Africa. Talking of shaking heavens…story for another day. The sync with which she works with her team is just perfect. There is was this dude on the keys who was like producing music on the go….weeh, I don’t even have technical terms for the experience. Perhaps you can catch her and the team on January 26th to January 28th as we celebrate the 4th Anniversary. Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng will also be ministering. Its gonna be ???

  1. Mary Mary Concert (Saturday 27th May)

Some classic tunes from back in the day by the duo Mary Mary got the crowd singing along. The turnout though was very low and Mary Mary performed for only a few minutes then rushed back to the airport. The music selection prior to their entry on stage was also terrible.

What I enjoyed about this day was the company I had. Team Ambition is all kinds of awesome. I made the most sales I have ever made in just a few hours, selling Ambition album by Recapp. Aye, choose your squad well, they determine how well you enjoy those little moments.

  1. Momentum KE (Sunday 27th August)

Zambian music could be classified as a genre on its own. The talent in that country is just on another level.

When I knew Pompi was going to be the main act at Momentum 2017, I made sure I did not miss out on the fun. Pompi’s performance was epic. This dude can worship! See the stills I got to capture; armed with a Canon; on Facebook and do follow me on Instagram and Twitter too @picsbyphoenix The video below is courtesy of letmusicpreach.com

  1. Worship with Donnie (Saturday 2nd September)

“I need to worship because without it I can forget that I have a big God beside me and live in fear. I need to worship because without it I can forget his calling and begin to live in a spirit of self-preoccupation. I need to worship because without it I lose a sense of wonder and gratitude and plod through life with blinders on. I need worship because my natural tendency is toward self-reliance and stubborn independence.”— John Ortberg

Jubilee Christian Church organized a free concert dubbed ‘Worship with Donnie’ to culminate the end of Daughter of Zion 2017 convention. Mercy Masika and her mum were on stage together. That family can truly sing. Donnie McClurkin and Sammie Okposo later ministered in their own amazing way. Donnie even sang Natamani by Rebekah Dawn word for word. It was amazing considering he had only been to Kenya for a few days.

Photo credits: Nick Mug
  1. Aflewo Nairobi (Friday 15th September)

I wasn’t really well prepared for this one. My heart was torn at the time and I didn’t really feel like worshipping. Anyway, I just pushed myself and took that bus ride to Winners Chapel that cost me about Ksh.60 only and ohh boy, it was amazing. I was favored and got a good seat. Yes, I celebrate when am able to get a seat at one of the largest worship events of the year. Was even able to shoot a few videos. This is one night where one can just enjoy the presence of God through music. I got to enjoy my favorite tunes and a couple of other new songs that night. My favorite moment was when Kaberia steps on change and the atmosphere just changed onto a new level.

Something else that stood out was my curiosity at trying new food. So this one vendor ran out of buns and instead of hamburgers, they started selling ‘mandazi burger’ which am sure you have already figured out is a combination of mandazi, grilled meat and some onions. So am there in line that cold morning after the event like (conversations in my head): “This is interesting, perhaps I should try it. It should be enough to allow me to get home without a grumbling stomach”. So I did though I was not so sure about the sight of it and to tell you the truth, people can really come up with some cool things with what they have.

Photo Credits: Genius & Aflewo
  1. Road To Ambition (Sunday 3rd December 2017)

Recapp finally held their first live band concert with Born To worship Band. Proud of this family, they really came through with such excellence that they blew me away. Other performances were from Joyce Omondi, Stone, Bboy Harry and Rigga. Best concert of 2017 in my opinion. Watch the snippet below and do subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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