Do you ever feel like you are sooo far from your limit? That u can do so much more?? That you are so far from your goal in life? Well you should know that as long as you are still breathing, you can still achieve what God has in store for u. Our unbelief is what prevents us from entering His rest and receiving what is promised to us.

At the cross, He laid His life down 4 u, why then should u hold back? You’re tightly holding on to the small things u have instead of opening up your hands so as to receive so much more. He is ready to open the floodgates of Heaven and shower u with blessings from storehouses that cannot be depleted.


Now Heb 2 is a chapter that I have come to love. It opens my eyes to the fact that DEATH CANNOT HOLD HIM. He was glorified and honored 4 He suffered death. EVERYTHING was put under Him and was made subject to Him. The AUTHOR OF OUR SALVATION was made perfect through suffering. So that we may become co-heirs through Him. He has freed all lives held in slavery by their fear of death and became a merciful and faithful High Priest to make atonement for the sins of His people. Because He suffered when tempted, He is able to help those being tempted.I FIX MY EYES ON HIM THE PERFECTER OF OUR FAITH, keeping in mind that the builder of the house (Jesus Christ) has greater honor than the house itself(me). So I have decided to become a bright candle shining in the darkness-follow me as I follow CHRIST. I follow CHRIST.