A lot of people have dwelt on the issue of one’s attitude. I will simply put it like this: your attitude is the determinant of how you live your life. It is how you mentally handle or process things that come your way; your angle of viewing situations. Do you go around worried about life or are you always dependent on God to make your life awesome??Take this instance: it is raining. One individual may go crazy because apparently, they forgot their umbrella and they are going to become wet, another may dance in the rain! See that’s how it is in life, you may complain and complain, and complainnn about a problem or you may enjoy whatever you have as you find a solution. Another instance is people who believe in myths. That when you wear red, you may be struck by lightning. Somebody may not mind that thinking they may obtain ‘powers’ when struck by that phenomenon….hehe.Crazy right?But in the right perspective.

Your attitude also influences the people who are going to be around you. People who are always happy tend to attract people towards them as people love having fun. Nobody wants to be around a 24/7 gloomy individual .So before thinking of taking a situation negatively, take it positively. It is for your own gain. JUST BE HAPPY, enjoy life. God didn’t place you on this earth to be a walking zombie but to influence people in a great way. He is totally in control and has great plans for you!!

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